walking, deep listening, generative practice

The first iteration of this work took place at New Bridge Project, Newcastle in summer 2021. The next is due to start in April 2022 as part of a year long ‘resonancy’ with Dancing On The Edge, a festival of movement based in Amsterdam. I will invite participants into a year-long co-enquiry into deep listening as a transformative collective practice, using the guiding principle of ‘starting from where we find ourselves’.

This phrase emerges from writer, thinker and co-founder of Dark Mountain and A School Called Home, Dougald Hine’s response to a pilgrimage I am soon to complete, describing it as ‘an act of weaving, stitching together the torn fabric, starting from where we find ourselves.’ The phrase calls us into dialogue with our surroundings and each other. It calls us to notice with whom or what we share space and time, to behold our relationships with tangible and intangible worlds, to act out of a sense of kinship. It calls us to hold space not just for positive futures and collective yearning, but also for the grief and trauma of our entangled realities, and for that which does not make sense right now.

Deep listening is an exploratory collective practice that focuses on transformative listening by freeing participants from the need to respond, a key principle of which is to listen for understanding rather than agreement.