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Economics = Capitalism. Capitalism is what we keep for ourselves.

Ek-uh-nom-iks = The Commons. The Commons is what we share.

Ek-uh-nom-iks was a commission that took place as part of Primary's Intersections programme, which culminated in a day-long event called the Commoners Fair, a day of talks, conversation, performance, food and workshops exploring ideas of alternative economies and the sharing of knowledge within a community.

The event celebrated the idea of ‘the Commons’ – the shared resources that are available to all of us - and what that means to our urban communities in the here and now, casting all participants as 'commoners'. The project asks: ‘What is it that everyone has that they can share? And how do we share it?‘

The Commoners’ fair was developed through workshops, meetings and conversations over a 9 month period, with members of the Radford Skills Exchange and other local groups and initiatives. A group calling itself the Commoners Working Group formed as a result of the project and continues to meet regularly at Primary to continue working with the ideas raised by the project.